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Pohl CNC now offers a variety of Freedom Machine Tool CNC support services including:

  • Education and Training
  • Repair and Servicing
  • Programing
  • Fixturing
  • Creative Design and Tool Path
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting

About us

Ralph Pohl, began repair and installation of CNC Routers in the 1980s. He grew Pohl Industries into a full-service fabrication company, supplying some our counties major companies and various industries with custom parts manufactured from all types of woods, plastics, EVA, foam, and aluminum. Described as a perfectionist, results oriented and quality driven. Ralph became hyper-knowledgeable about every detail of industrial CNC work and understands the machines and their limitless capabilities.

Later Ralph sold Pohl Industries and was recruited to be the Production Manager for Diversified Machine Systems, DMS, in Colorado. He used his vast knowledge of CNC Routers alongside engineers to develop a brand new line of industrial CNC Routers. The Freedom Machine Tool Patriot machine, or FMT as commonly known was born with the purpose of bringing affordable, high-quality industrial routers to mainstream industries and the backbone of America. In addition to developing the FMT Patriot, Ralph trained and led the production team building the Freedom Machine Tool Patriots and to this day can occasionally be found at the DMS/ FMT factory working alongside machinists and fabricators to enhance or bring new options to the FMT line of CNC routers.

Pohl CNC Today

Today, Ralph lives in Florida where he once again owns Pohl Industries as well as Pohl CNC with the purpose of bringing together a “one-stop” source for FMT routers, CNC tools from the top manufacturers, the Pohl CNC brand of Ortho Router Bits, FMT machine service, programing, fixturing and equipment sales.  As one of the top CNC consultants in the country, Ralph Pohl continues to be the most sought-after a representative for the FMT line of CNC routers, equipment, and parts throughout the world. He is always there to assist you on your FMT machine.  When Ralph is not working you can find him building something on his own FMT or spending the day outside with his three dogs alongside him.

Ralph Pohl and the Team at Pohl CNC are committed to accurately identifying your needs and helping keep you and your CNC machine production operating at their full potential.