Lube Corp LHL Accordion Tube Grease


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LHL-X100 400ml accordion bellows style cartridge used in central lube systems and the FMT Patriot CNC router.

Next-generation environmentally safe lubricant.

  • The excellent load-carrying capacity and wear resistance prevent seizures and excessive wear.
  • Prevents the crush and excessive abrasion of high-load linear motion guide bearings.
  • LHL is versatile to emulsification and softening even when water is introduced. In addition, its excellent corrosion resistance prevents the development of rust and pitting.
  • Offers the ideal lubrication effect with a proper lubricant volume at the proper time.  Developed as lubricants for centralized lubrication systems, LHL has excellent transport property and supplying LHL in the right amount at the right time guarantees ideal lubrication effects.


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