Orthotics – Delcam: Custom Solutions


No two people are exactly alike. This “characteristic” is celebrated in many cases, because in much of American and western culture, to be unique is seen as a gift. Yet being “unique” feels like a curse when we are having foot problems and can’t find shoes that will work for our feet and will eliminate the discomfort and pain we are experiencing. Orthotics are a way to treat the stresses that we experience on our bodies due to the surrounding elements.

Enter Delcam, a revolutionary means of creating precise orthotics for ultimate comfort. At PohlCNC we are passionate about selling CNC router bits, CNC machines, and CNC products that integrate with Delcam’s orthotic solutions, and in this blog, we want to talk more about orthotics and how CNC machines and Delcam are providing comfort to millions.

Why Orthotics?

A general definition of orthotics found is a device for such purposes as to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system. Orthotics can be used for rehab after surgery, to reduce the stress of external forces on the body due to obesity, exercise, external forces, and more. Also, Orthotics help to modify movement and, in many cases, guide the movement of a particular joint or body part: either restricting movement or teaching it a new healthier way of moving. In other words, orthotics is the marriage of technology and medical care to give patients a better quality of life.

Orthotics and CNC Machines

Traditionally, orthotics are created by taking a mold of the body, usually using plaster of Paris. This mold is then used as a guide for a CNC machine to create the orthotic needed. Orthotics are made from metals, elastic, thermoplastics, EVA, fabric or other materials depending on the use for the type of orthotic and need of the user.

Delcam: Taking the Industry from Physical to Digital

Delcam is changing everything. Instead of physical molds using plaster, being taken for foot orthotics, Delcam’s solutions takes a digital scan of the patient’s foot. But why is this revolutionary? Why are digital “molds” better than the traditional plaster ones?

  • Clean – no more plaster mess!
  • Fast – no more waiting for plaster to harden. Have a mold of your foot in seconds!
  • Easy – the Delcam is easy to use, even for new users!
  • Precise – each prescription will be like the last.
  • Profitable – less record/ mold storage is needed, thus reducing cost.

Optimal Design

Delcam offers optimal design benefits: New user-friendly, total accuracy, and a significant reduction in production time and cost. The Delcam also offers the option of inputting needed information that will create a customized prescription orthotic.

Optimal Manufacturing

When you have the best design process that offers consistency, excellent usability, and precision molding, you have the opportunity to have the best manufactured product. When you pair Delcam with our OrthoRout CNC machine, you have a pairing that will guarantee a product that is of the highest quality and more importantly a product that will give the patient the most comfort and exactly what they need to live their life well.

Orthotics and CNC Machines

PohlCNC OrthoRout and Delcam

PohlCNC’s CNC machine the OrthoRout was designed specifically for the orthotics industry. We have constructed and programed our OrthoRout machine to integrate with Delcam’s innovative technology giving our users the opportunity to use the most up-to-date technology. We understand the need for precise CNC machines that will give precise cuts every time, because your patient’s quality of life depends on it, as well as your bottom line. Our machines are constructed with quality and longevity in mind. The OrthoRout has

  • 4×4 frame
  • 5 station tool rack
  • auto tool height setter
  • vacuum zone table
  • flip fixture for hard polypropylene orthotics

PohlCNC Offers a Full System

PohlCNC offers the OrthoRout CNC machine, as well as high-quality CNC router bits specifically for the production of orthotics. We also offer a wide range of other CNC products and CNC parts as well! Check out all our products here! We also inventory new and used CNC machines, too!