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Pohl CNC May Newsletter 2017

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AWFS 2017

It’s Vegas Baby!

Have you bought your tickets to AWFS July 19-22 in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Stop by and visit with Ralph, Rebecca and Kayleigh in booth 8049.  See the latest CNC creations and talk shop!


Ralph and Jack
Ralph Pohl working with helper Jack.

Tool Magazine in Emergency Error

CNC Error Code

Tool Magazine in Error

This is a common error encountered.  Typically this error occurs for one of the following reasons.

  • If operator aborted out of a program during a tool change.
  • The tool change is not validated until the execution of the T function or M06 is completed correctly.  If it is not completed correctly, the tool magazine table is not refreshed.
  • While executing a T or M06 function and something unexpected happens, (CNC error, PLC error, e-stop button pressed, CNC reset, etc) a mark will be activated that will set the CNC in an error state.
  • The machine was shut down before the good-night program finished running.
FMT Error Code
The magazine error only prevents a new tool change.

 The machine will only show this error message if the user requests a new tool while the error situation is unsolved.   To remove the error follow these steps.

  1. From MAIN MENU
  2. Press F5 TABLES

Error will display on the screen as TOOL MAGAZINE IN ERROR STATE and ask you to check that the position of the tools in the magazine and active tool match the table. EXIT tab will be highlighted.


The correct tool is in the magazine and active tool matches the table then look for the EXIT tab and the REMOVE ERROR tab.

  1. Use your Arrow Keys to arrow over to REMOVE ERROR
  2. Press ENTER.


Do not proceed

If the tool position in the magazine or active tool does not correctly match the table you must manipulate the tool magazine to show the correct tool before clearing the error.

In next months issue.  How To Manipulate the Tool Magazine to show the Correct Tool.

Pohl CNC


Becker Pump VTLF 2.250
The Starship Enterprise!
Did you know Pohl CNC carries a variety of products beyond tooling?
We can help you with Becker Pumps, Rotary Phase Convertors, Spindles, Mist for Cutting Aluminum and many other parts for your shop.
We are also available in many cases to estimate service on your existing FMT routers.  Just ask!

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Pohl CNC has loved ones serving now and loved ones who have served in the past. 
We Proudly Support Our Troops!


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Kayleigh Cutshaw, Pohl CNC’s Director of Public Relations!!!


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Our own Social Media Guru and Public Relations Director Kayleigh Cutshaw dreams, researches and finds that perfect hashtag for all those pictures you see out there.

In addition to all those hashtags, Kayleigh works on all of our public relations items including reaching out to customers, designing the New Pohl CNC World Tour shirt, video recording and photography shoots, edits and so much more!  She recently developed and implemented our new Pohl CNC hash tag slogan!


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