Ralph Pohl – 1960-2019   Founder Pohl CNC

Pohl CNC and Router USA

Helping the Manufacturer Grow to the Next Level

Your only source for Pohl Orthotic Router Bits, and Pohl Tooling for CNC machining of foam, EVA, cork MDF, and plastics.   We specialize in tools for the Orthotic CNC Manufacturing Industry.  Providing manufacturers with superior Orthotic Tooling and Orthotic Specialty Items from the USA, Germany, Italy and other nations.  This allows you to produce an exceptional product at an outstanding value.

Our first tools were originally named the “MW 110”, “MW 120”, “MW 130” and “MW 330”.  Later we added length, and made changes to some of those tools as well as changing the name to the now familiar “Pohl 110™”, “Pohl 120™”, “Pohl 130™” and “Pohl 330™”.  We also added the “Pohl 530™”, “Pohl 116-3™ engraving tool” and others too.  We are always thinking of ways to help the Orthotic lab create an exceptional product from their labs.

If you are a large Orthotics Lab or a small business anywhere in the world we want you to know we consider you a partner.  If you are thinking about creating a lab or just curious about our products, bring us your questions.

Whether you spiral or raster.  We have you covered.  See what our tools look like on EVA

Testing the Pohl Tools at the factory.

We live our mission statement of Helping You Grow to The Next Level!