Programing, Fixturing and Design

  • Put our 25 years of CNC specialization to work for you.CNC Fixturing

Now offering programing, fixturing and design work for the FMT Patriot (service on other CNC brand machines may be available, just ask).  Giving you the right programing and fixturing to turn out consistent results every time!

  • Need a fixture to help machine parts on your CNC?
  • Want help designing a program for your CNC Router?
  • Need to adjust or make changes to a current program?
  • Confused by G codes and M codes?
  • Need changes to your tool path?
  • Need help making a dedicated spoilboard?
  • Want to know if your current program could be improved?

In-house fixturing, programing and design or onsite at your location (can also combine with training for reduced price).

We are here to help.  What do you need?

Ralph Pohl and the Team at Pohl CNC are committed to accurately identifying your needs keeping you and your CNC machine operating at its full potential.  Our Team at Pohl CNC offer you unparalleled FMT Service and Technical Support as well as Programing and Fixturing!  Fill this out or Email us today.