CNC Router Bits

No matter what your business is or what you use your CNC machine tools, and equipment for it is important to keep them and your CNC router bits in repair, your shop up to standard, and a focused eye on the functionality of your machines.

Quality Tools

The first step to having your CNC shop functioning at it’s best is to have the proper, quality tools. Quality tools will withstand regular use, and will protect your CNC machine, because they will be functioning well.

Clean Shop

A clean shop can make all the difference when keeping your shop functioning at it’s utmost. Your CNC router bits need regular cleaning because debris, and resin from use can build up on the bit causing friction and thus less than stellar cuts, negatively impacting the quality of your products.

Your CNC Machine

Cleaning your CNC machine is a needed regular practice, as well as other regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your machine and ultimately save you money in the long run.

Coolant Levels

Coolant levels must be checked regularly. Having the right coolant level will keep rust at bay and will ensure proper lubrication of your machine: Proper levels will also ensure the quality of your products.

Water Quality and Testing

Not only is the level of your coolant mixture important, but also the water quality of your coolant. The water should be tested regularly to ensure proper pH. Using deionized water is one of the first steps to keeping your water for your coolant and ultimately your CNC router bits and machine functioning at it’s best. Water with minerals will cause on your CNC machine, like any other tank or tub, eventual buildup and corrosion.

Sump Cleaning

Another key element to CNC machine maintenance and keeping the water quality of your machine at it’s optimal is to clean out your tank and test for bacteria. You must remove chips and shavings from your sump. Certain types of bacteria can grow in your sump area when you let your chips build up. The combination of chips, oil, and old water makes for an excellent living environment for bacterial, which will damage your machine and can have negative effects on your health, and your products.

Test for Bacterial

Even when you clean your sump regularly,  be sure to test for bacterial regularly. Bacteria can still live within the lines and pump. Use environmentally friendly biocides that not only rid your machine of bacteria, but will also protect the metal of your machine.

General Cleaning

Other cleaning involves removing tramp oil, completely draining the tank, as well as what was mentioned above: Remove chips, check coolant level, and fill the tank with deionized water, as well as cleaning all the machine parts that are affected by water.


Alignment is also a major factor in prolonging the life of your CNC router bits and machine. Proper alignment will lessen the chances for the negative effects of friction.


Check other areas of your machine for issues with friction. Friction can not only cause over-heating, but also cause your CNC router bits to bend, chip, and break. Avoid friction by properly aligning your tools, as well as using proper lubrication.

Feed Speeds

Feed speeds can have significant affects not only on your machine, but also on the quality of your products. Speeds that are too fast cause friction, and as a result, your CNC machine tools to heat up and be more prone to breakage or bending.

Pohl CNC

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